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Safety Goggles

Welcome to Doris Industrial Co., Ltd., your trusted destination for premium safety goggles. We understand the importance of safeguarding your eyes in various industrial and hazardous environments. Our extensive range of safety goggles offers superior protection, comfort, and style. Whether you are a professional worker, DIY enthusiast, or engaged in recreational activities, our safety goggles are designed to meet your specific needs while ensuring optimal eye safety.

Safety goggles are an essential personal protective equipment (PPE) that provides a crucial barrier against potential eye hazards. They shield your eyes from flying debris, chemicals, harmful particles, and intense light, reducing the risk of injuries and vision impairment. At Doris Safety, we prioritize your well-being by offering top-quality safety goggles that meet stringent safety standards and regulations.

Safety eyewear and safety goggles are an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting your eyes from harm. We offer many different solutions for whatever your needs may be at budget-friendly prices. Whether you're working with hard coated or anti fog goggles, our coated lenses will provide you with the required endurance.
As a well experienced safety goggles manufacturer, we supply dust goggles, lab safety goggles, science safety goggles, science goggles, flip front welding goggle, and anti-fog goggles, we also offer custom design service.
OEM and ODM cooperation is welcome, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Chemical goggles with indirect vents

Indirect vented chemical goggles for lab use. Chemical splash goggles to prevent liquid from entering. Anti fog lens available


Safety goggles with direct vents

Direct vented science safety goggles. Anti-fog lens available


Safety eye protection with indirect ventilation

Indirect vented safety goggles with adjustable elastic strap


Wide vision anti fog goggles

Safety anti fog goggles with panoramic field of view and indirect ventilation


Wide vision Chemical splash goggles

Chemical splash goggles with indirect vents and adjustable elastic strap. Impact protection also provided.


Panoramic view protective goggles

Padded safety goggles with adjustable elastic strap


Panoramic view safety goggles

Panoramic view safety goggles with replaceable strap


Flip front gas welding goggles

Flip front gas welding goggles with indirect ventilation


Fixed front welding goggle

Fixed front welding goggle with ventilation


Flip front gas welding safety goggles

Flip front gas welding safety goggles with indirect ventilation


Fixed-front gas welding goggles

Indirect vented welding goggles with fixed front window


Clip-on gas welding goggles

Hard hat or cap attached clip-on gas welding goggles, designed to fit general hard caps, can be lifted up, filter lens shade number: #4, #5, and #6 available.
At Doris Industrial Co., Ltd., we prioritize your satisfaction and safety. Our safety goggles comply with the highest industry standards, ensuring reliable protection in hazardous environments. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that our goggles meet and exceed your expectations. Investing in high-quality safety goggles is essential to protect your eyes from potential hazards. With Doris Safety, you can find the perfect pair of safety goggles tailored to your needs, providing reliable eye protection without compromising comfort or style. Don't compromise on safety—choose Doris Industrial Co., Ltd. for superior eye protection. Browse our wide range of safety goggles today and experience the ultimate peace of mind.
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