Doris Industrial Co., Ltd.

Doris Industrial is a Taiwan-based OEM/ODM and exporter of safety goggles, earmuffs and other plastic-injection products made for protection in the workplace. With 25 years of experience, we provide high-quality products at competitive prices. That's why our customers,some famous around world-wide, purchase over $6 million worth of goods from us every year.

Safety Glasses Manufacturer in Taiwan

Safety Glasses provide hands-free direct lighting and replaces clunky, heavy work lights. In addition , the clear, lightweight lenses help provide protection for indoor projects comfortably.

Safety Glasses

As a well experienced manufacturer in personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety equipment, eye protectors, eye safety, industrial safety glasses, we also offer custom design service.
OEM and ODM cooperation is welcome, please feel free to contact us for more information.

MM525 (DS)

Full frame safety eyewear

Safety eyewear with large temple design for better side protection.

DD1630 (DC)

Full frame safety glasses with rx inserts available

Full frame safety glasses, anti-slip rubber nose pieces and temple pads for extra comfort, rx inserts available

HC6050 (LS)

Full frame safety spectacles

Full frame safety spectacles, nylon frame and temple, rubber nose for comfort. Wide temple design for better side protection.

HC5390 (DS)

Streamlined safety spectacles with extended lenses

Safety spectacles, streamlined design with extended lenses for better side protection. Anti-slip rubber temple and nose pads for extra comfort.

HC5630 (DRS)

Safety eyewear with large large lens coverage

Safety eyewear, large lens coverage with double injected temples for better anti-slip fit and coloration.

MK5286 (DLCWM)

Safety glasses with rubber brow guard

Safety glasses with rubber brow guard+rubberized temples / nose pad

HC3180 (DBS)

Full frame spectacles with rubber feet

Full frame spectacles with dual injected rubber temple feet

HC5501 (RS)

Full frame safety spectacles

Full frame safety spectacles, gloss polycarbonate frame and temple.

HC2360 (DS)

Protective full frame spectacles

Nylon frame/temples with non-slip rubber nose pad
We offer various Safety Eyewear, such as Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles, all with superior quality and reasonable price. We'd love to hear what you think about our product and service, please feel free to email us at