Safety Glasses

We offer a whole range of PPE products and specialized in Eye Protection such as, safety goggles, side shields, lens cleaning supplies, replacement lenses and eyewear accessories for all of your eye protection needs. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about Safety Spectacles. As a customer-oriented company, we are more than happy to provide detailed information for you.
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half frame - conventional
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HC9190 (CC)

Lightweight safety eyewear with foam seal
Lightweight safety eyewear with removable foam seal prevents contaminants from getting beh ...

DD720 (BSC)

One piece protective safety spectacles
One piece safety spectacles with dual injection temples for a non slip fit.

FM617 (DGC)

One piece safety glasses
One piece wrap-around lens delivers both a wide field of vision and maximum protection, co ...

SG2941 (CDC)

One piece wrap around safety eyewear
Protective safety eyewear with simple design, rubber temple pads for added comfort.
Polarized Lens / Polarized Sunglasses
We offer high quality polarized lenses and polarized sunglasses that are affordable and pr ...

MK5265 (DSBM)

One piece wrap around style safety glasses
Safety glasses with large temples that provide extra side protection from impact.


Safety spectacles with wide trendy coverage
Safety spectacles with wide trendy coverage for female / lady use. Can be used as leisure ...

HC4670 (BSC)

One piece modern wraparound safety glasses
Modern wraparound style offers a wide field of vision, dual-injection soft-grip side templ ...

HC9340 (DC)

Half frame safety eyewear
Half frame safety eyewear, soft nylon frame and temples provide a comfortable contact, rub ...


Uni-sex safety eyewear
Uni-sex safety eyewear, can be used for men in plain, and can be used for ladies with addi ...

HC8230 (WRS)

Half frame safety spectacles with interchangeable temples and strap
Half frame safety spectacles, padded frame for increased protection from airborne debris a ...

MK4370 (COC)

One piece streamlined wrap around protective eyewear
Safety glasses with a stylish sports-style design, dual injected temples ensure a slip-fre ...