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Eye Protectors

As a well experienced manufacturer in personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety equipment, eye protectors, eye safety, industrial safety glasses, we also offer custom design service.
OEM and ODM cooperation is welcome, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Sleek full frame style safety eyewear
Sleek and modern safety eyewear, side ventilation minimize fogging, soft nose pieces offer ...

HR573 (DRC)

Full frame stylish safety eyewear
Full frame trendy safety glasses with up and down four-way adjustable temples.

HC6730 (DC)

Full-frame safety eyewear
Full-frame design safety eyewear, dual injected rubber temples for comfort and durability, ...

HC8680 (DLS)

Full frame stylish safety spectacles with side vents
Full frame safety spectacles, dual-injected rubber in temples, side ventilation minimizes ...

HC7420 (DLS)

Full frame safety eyewear with vents on frame
Full frame safety spectacles, polycarbonate frame and temple, ventilation on frame to redu ...

HC7820 (DAS)

Full frame safety glasses with nylon frame and temple
Full frame safety glasses, nylon frame and temple to provide extreme flexibility and suit ...

HC7220 (BDSBM)

Full frame fashionable safety eyewear
Full frame safety spectacles, gloss polycarbonate frame and temple, rubber temple feet for ...

HC7021 (NDSBM)

Safety spectacles with double injected frame and temple
Full frame safety spectacles, double injected frame and temple, temples replaceable, rubbe ...

HC5941 (LDS)

Edge safety eyewear
Edge safety eyewear, full frame with double injected temples for a softer fit, rubber nose ...

HC6710 (DLS)

Safety eyewear with slight side guard design
Safety eyewear, slight side guard design with dual injected temples for softer and better ...

HC6310 (BWS)

Full frame safety spectacles with side ventilation
Full frame safety spectacles, polycarbonate frame and temple, double injected temple for b ...

HC5330 (DYS)

Safety eyewear with thin and sleek temple design
Full frame safety eyewear with angular design, polycarbonate lens with nylon frame / templ ...